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Trays and bowls



Tall stool made from cardbnoard and covered with decorative paper. . This is an example of a tall stool covered with cartoons collected  from The International Herald Tribune as requested by a customer for private use.

45 (H) x 30(W) x 30(W)

Price :£65.00   Delivery : £8.00 each


Low stool in cardboard, covereed in a very decorative paper

35(H) x 30(W) x 30(D) cm

Price :£45.00

Delivery : £5.00

Cubes, made from laminated cardboard and then covered in a choice of paper. Peter Duck,  the saling boat from the book " Swallows and Amazons" is  featured as an example. Take a lok at  for a fascinating history of this wonderful wooden boat and its history.


Wine bottle holder made from .strapping.

Price : £9.00

Delivery : £3.00

A large eggshell plate amde from papier mache, with brokne eggshell on the rim

45 ( dia) x 3 cm(H)

35(H) x 35(W) x 35(H) cm

Price : £40.00 each

Delivery : 8.00 each


Price : £24.00

Delivery : £3.00


Large tall vase made from torn cardboard

90(H) x 45 (D)

Price :45.00

Delivery : £9.00

Under The Sea Bookacse made from cardboard, and then covered in paper. A choice of colours is painted on by hand, some cartons added to choice and then finished in a clear lacquer.

120(H) x 65(W) x 12(D)

Price :£120.00

Delivery : £15.00


The Walky Table made from laminated cardboard,  and then covered in a choice of paper and finished with a clear lacquer

89(W) x 45(D) x 45(H)

Price : £79.00

Delivery £9.00


Bowl from coiled paper. This bowl is made from sheeets of paper,  that are folded and glued. The thin strips are them coiled to make a bowl

45( D) x 20(H)

Price :£24.00

Delivery: £5.00


Newspaper tray. Because it is made from newspaper. Rather like the bowel,  the newspaper is folded, glued and them made into a tray. Finished in a clear lacquer.

Price :£24.00

Delivery ; £5.00



The stacking Cube : made from cardboard, jointed together to make an open fronted cube. This example is covred in newspaper from Korea, with thin tissue paper inside. Put three or more together,  the cubes make a perfect organisation for teenagers doing revision !

40(H) x 40(H) x 40(D)

Price each :£18.00

Delivery each : 5.00



Newspaper Bucket. To put all your reclycling into. Made in the same way as the Vase, with de-laminated cardboard, glued and formed to a practical shape.

50(D) x 35(H)

Price :£34.00

Delivery : £6.00

A foot note on our furniture :

Remember,  all the designs you can see above are made from cardboard and paper. For this reason,  they are not as strong and durable as ordinary furniture  made from wood. Water and general over-use or misuse will damage the furniture.The furniture must only be used indoors.





How to Order :

Please use the contact button above to place an enquiry or order.

If your order is for one of the pieces as shown above,  then the delivery time,  and any other costs can be agreed by email or subsequent telephone call. Full payment is required before dispatch.

If you are wanting ot commission a new piece to order, then the design,  costs and delivery times can be discussed and agreed before produciton starts. We ask for a 50% depoist when the designs are agreed and the final balance just before delivery.



The Private Eye Collection

Victoria has developed a collection that features


The Eye Bin made from 100% re-used paper and cardboard and then covered in front covers of The Eye

45(D) x 45(H)

Price ; £ 35.00   Delivery £ 5.00


The Eye News Bowl  made from individual pages of The Eye folded into strips and then coiled into the shape of a vase. It can feature your own pages if needed.

48(D) x 30(H)

Price : £ 40.00 plus £ 5.00 postage

The paper used for these items  is actually made made from rescued back copies that normally would be thrown away. So, we save them .


The Eye Sit on Eat off Cube made from 100% re-used paper and cardboard,  and then covered in your favourite front covers ( which you supply  to us ) or general covers

35(H) x 35(W) x 35(D)

Price : £40.00 plus  £8.00 carriage

The Paperworx Screen covered in a choice of images.  This commission uses prints of plants and leaves

New for 2011

Each panel is 1.7m high and 40cm wide.  You can order a minimum of three panels to a maximim of 4 for each screen.

Price : £50.00 per panel

Delivery : £25.00 per screen